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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 33: Lisa Parisi and Brian Crosby

Lisa Parisi and Brian Crosby, co-authors of Making Connections with Blogging: Authentic Learning for Today’s Classrooms, talk about how blogging has motivated their students. They share many ideas for blogging in any classroom, at any level. 

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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 32: Frank W. Baker

Frank W. Baker, author of Media Literacy in the K–12 Classroom, discusses the importance of teaching students about media literacy as media consumers and creators. Baker shares ideas for incorporating media literacy into multiple subjects and as a part of subject-area standards.

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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 31: Hilary Goldmann

Hilary Goldmann, author of Advocacy and Educational Technology: A Guide to Getting Your Voice Heard, talks about the ed tech advocacy work she does for ISTE in her role as senior government affairs officer. She discusses some of the most important ed tech issues, gives ideas for educators to get involved, and shares success stories.

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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 30: Camille Cole

Camille Cole, author of Connecting Students to STEM Careers: Social Networking Strategies, explains the importance of career awareness and gives examples of what it can look like in the classroom. Cole answers questions from ISTE members including how social networking can assist in career awareness and what skills today’s students need to prepare for STEM careers.

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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 29: Liz Kolb

Liz Kolb, author of Cell Phones in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Educators and Toys to Tools: Connecting Student Cell Phones to Education shares ideas for using cell phones in the classroom, addresses some concerns and challenges educators may face when implementing this technology, and answers questions from ISTE members.

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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 28: Mark Gura

Mark Gura, author of Getting Started in LEGO Robotics: A Guide for K–12 Educators, discusses the benefits of LEGO Robotics and provides encouraging insight into starting your own LEGO Robotics program. LEGO Robotics is a hands on, multidisciplinary, collaborative learning experience. Mark Gura provides you with first-hand advice and recommendations so you can have your own robotics program up and running in no time.

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Carmela N. Curatola Knowles, author of the Piano and Laylee Learning Adventures Series, discusses the importance of integrating digital citizenship into education and the lack of current materials available to educators and parents. Curatola Knowles provides insight into how two adorable little puppies, Piano and Laylee, will teach early learners safety in a digital world.

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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 26: Carl Falsgraf

Carl Falsgraf, editor of Technology-Infused French, discusses the benefits of integrating technology in the study of French and other foreign languages and how it creates proficiency among students. Falsgraf provides insight on resources and techniques to create a technology-infused curriculum that will expand the world of language beyond the classroom.

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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 25: Terence W. Cavanaugh and Jerome Burg

Terence W. Cavanaugh and Jerome Burg, co-authors of Bookmapping: Lit Trips and Beyond, discuss the benefits of bookmapping in the digital age and how it encourages engagement and enhances transferable learning in the classroom. Cavanaugh and Burg provide insight on the many facets of bookmapping and how their book can help educators with effective classroom implementation of this exciting activity.

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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 24: Susan Brooks-Young

Susan Brooks-Young, author of The Digital Briefcase for Administrators: Tools and Templates, discusses the National Ed Tech Plan and its recommendations for improving productivity, what that means for individual schools and administrators, and how her book on CD can help.

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