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Steven Anderson is a learner, blogger, speaker, educational evangelist, bow tie enthusiast, author and dad. As a former teacher and Director of Instructional Technology, he is highly sought after for his expertise in educational technology integration and using social media for learning. As @web20classroom he regularly travels the country talking to schools and districts about the use of Social Media in the classroom and how they can better serve students through technology. Hosts: Bill Selak, Jenny Schlie-Reed, Kristy Andre, Robert Pronovost

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ISTE Emerging Leaders Bill Selak, Jenni Schlie-Reed, Kristy Andre, and Robert Pronovost. Learn some tips for nominating yourself or a colleague for an ISTE award. Hear about some tech tools to use in the classroom including Little Bird Tales, Explain Everything, Kahn Academy, Animoto, Shout Key, and more. Learn more at

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