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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 6: Pamela Livingston

In this interview with Pamela Livingston, author of 1-to-1 Learning, Laptop Programs That Work, Second Edition, she discusses the updated edition of her book. Livingston talks about the advantages and challenges of 1-to-1 learning and how her book can assist educators interested in developing or enhancing laptop programs in their schools.

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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 5: Camille Cole, Kecia Ray, and Jan Zanetis

In this interview with Camille Cole, Kecia Ray, and Jan Zanetis, coauthors of Videoconferencing for K–12 Classrooms, Second Edition and coeditors of Interactive Videoconferencing (Ray, Zanetis), discuss the second edition of their book. The authors share what videoconferencing is, how it can be used in the classroom, what educators need to do to get started, and what the future of videoconferencing looks like.

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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 4: Susan Brooks-Young This interview with Susan Brooks-Young, author of many ISTE books, including Making Technology Standards Work for You, Second Edition, discusses this updated classic. Brooks-Young talks about how her book can help educational leaders use the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS•A).
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JCTE Author Perspectives Episode 6: Keith Wetzel, Teresa Fougler and Mia Williams This podcast is with the authors of the manuscript entitled, "The evolution of the required educational technology course,". The authors are Keith Wetzel, Teresa Fougler and Mia Williams from Arizona State University. The article can be found in JCTE issue 25 (3).
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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 3: Mike Ribble

This interview with Mike Ribble, coauthor of Digital Citizenship in Schools and author of Raising a Digital Child, discusses his second book, a parent’s guide to teaching children about digital citizenship. Ribble emphasizes the importance of educating children about using technology safely and responsibly.

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ISTE Books Author Interview Episode 2: Liz Kolb, Part 2 Part two of the interview with Liz Kolb, author of Toys to Tools, continues to discuss ways that educators can turn student cell phones into educational tools. Kolb provides examples, addresses arguments against cell phones in schools, and shares her opinion about why this is an important tool that shouldn’t be ignored.


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