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Episode #4:The Drama of Literacy Learning- This podcast features an interview with Mack Lewis, a National Board Certified teacher and author of numerous books and articles, many of them published by Scholastic.  Mr. Lewis’ interests include writing plays and dramatized literature. He writes for classroom teachers and students, while keeping his own classroom and the needs of his own students in mind throughout the creative process. This podcast also covers a variety of approaches and resources for the introduction of drama into a classroom curriculum, including strategies for integrating drama and assessing oral expression.

Literacy Special Interest Podcast is produced by ISTE’s Special Interest Group on Literacy (SIGLIT). In each episode, host Mark Gura and guests review the latest and most significant developments in literacy education. The podcast features conversations with prominent authors, influential educators, and thought leaders in the field. The podcast also presents exciting practices and up-to-date technology-based resources to foster literacy learning. Find additional information and links for all articles, resources, and interviews covered in the podcast.

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